Saint Mark's Preschool

and Parents' Day Out

We are currently closed because of coronavirus concerns. 
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Our Preschool and PDO have a long tradition of excellent care. Our goals are to provide a safe and loving environment where children can learn Christian values, self-confidence, independence and respect for others. We provide developmentally appropriate activities that help children grow socially, emotionally and intellectually. 

We are fully licensed by the State of Kansas and admission policies are non-discriminatory in regard to race, color, religion, national origin, physical handicaps or gender in accordance with Kansas Law. We meet all requirements set by the local health and fire departments. State regulations require that current immunization and health records be kept on file for each child and no child will be accepted for care without an emergency medial treatment form signed by a notary public. All forms are available below.

Classes and Fees

Click HERE for a printable page that lists classes and fees, and includes all required forms for PDO and Preschool.


Mon, Tues & Thurs  9-11.30am    $160 per month


Mon, Tues, Thurs    9 - 2.30 pm

1 child for 1 day per week - $120 per month

1 child for 2 days per week - $240 per month

1 child for 3 days per week - $350 per month

1 child for 1 extended day per week (following morning preschool) - $60 per month

Pay your school tuition here!

If you wish, you can pay your Preschool and/or PDO tuition

and registration fees directly. 

There is a $5 convenience fee for each transaction. 

Please add this to your payment.

You can make a one time payment or a recurring payment. 

Click the link below!

Preschool and PDO Forms

Click below to access each of the forms required for preschool or pdo enrollment. 

These are printable forms and cannot be filled on line. 

Preschool Enrollment Form

PDO Enrollment Form

*Medical Record, Immunizations, Health Assessment

*Authorization for Emergency Medical Care

*Developmental History

*Photo Release

Preschool Permission to Transport

            *These forms are required for both Preschool and PDO

All these forms are also available

from the Preschool/PDO Director, Christie Thompson

at and from the church office.